We here at Hiss & Vinegar know that our readers are very concerned about groupies in tank tops and likker. So, when the following letter from an angry Stevenson Bluegrass Festival attendee made its way into our inbox, we thought we would share it. Read on:

"Perhaps you have heard about the drunken yelling, screaming, wrestling, foul-mouthed party [the Foghorn Stringband] had until 3:30 am. If you didn't hear about it, certainly every camper at the Bluegrass Festival did. This is particularly offensive since the Bluegrass Festival is a family event. It seems that Foghorn Stringband has added to their reputation as an up and coming talent that they are immature and obnoxious partiers as well....

"The groupie contingent of tank-topped women that traveled from Alaska seem to be a negative influence. Their sirenlike displays of wantonness were quite offensive, not just in their acts, but also in their effects on some band members. I've heard the rumors that there are groupies at virtually every performance. I don't know if the members of Foghorn Stringband are simply having trouble coping with their new fame and rock-star lifestyle, or if they are indeed showing their true colors. Either way, they need to decide what their goals are as a band, and what their desired image is."

Yes, Foghorns, think long and hard about the wantonness you've inspired...OK. You can stop thinking now.


For many in this fair city, last week's announcement that the Blackbird will be closing its doors at the end of the month rivaled that pesky little East Coast blackout as this August's greatest social catastrophe. Well, nothing helps ease the pain more than mechanical bulls and wet T-shirt contests. OK, so there probably won't be either of those at the Bye Bye Blackbird party scheduled for Friday, Aug. 29, at the Northeast Sandy Boulevard club. But, with the huge list of possible events posted on the B-bird's website (www.theblackbird.org), who knows what's gonna happen? The entire supposed lineup is as follows: "The Triggers, Holodeck Moshpit, Grails, Holy Sons, DJs, Friendsters, Fakesters, Prizes, Punishments, Rails, Normal People, Po-Mo Wet T-Shirt Contest, Kute Spelling, Industry Mixing, Demo Microwaving, Press Photo Coloring Contest, Mechanical Bull Riding, Mister Mister-only Karaokeing, Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Tour Manager, Star Wars Kid Fighting, Sobbing, Lamenting, Apologizing, Promising, Rejoicing, Barfing, Renouncing, Reinstating, Cleansing, Rediscovering and waking up the next evening just in time for the DEERHOOF SHOW!"

In other Blackbird news...Chantelle Hylton, the club's booking agent, has found a new nest at Berbari's Pan. Starting Sept. 1, she will be handling Berbati's booking, filling the hole left by Leah Eberhardt, who has accepted an events-coordinator position at Reed College.


For the final song of Jeff London's farewell concert last Wednesday at Berbati's, a crew of about 10 friends, including Hush founder Chad Crouch and Decemberist Colin Meloy, joined him on stage. It was a fitting end to a night filled with heartfelt poetry and touching moments, including Meloy thanking London for giving him his first gig. Too bad the people singing on stage outnumbered the people in the crowd. Even though it was a beautiful Wednesday night in August, and London's set was less than spectacular, we thought more people would come out to see the singer-songwriter off. Hopefully, London will find a better audience when he gets to New York.

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