This week Rogue Ales rolls out Blunt n' Bitter beer in honor of allegedly racist and ESPN-fired sports talk radio host Colin Cowherd. The Newport-based brewery also makes pink-bottled beers branded for Portland's favorite doughnut shop, and a beer from yeast pulled off the Rogue brewmaster's scruffy beard. Rogue also took the iconoclastic step of bringing alcohol and carpet together with its PDX Carpet IPA.

What other beloved Portland celebrities deserve their own Rogue beers? Here's our list:

All images by Rick Vodicka.

Tonya Harding Ice Beer

In tribute to Oregon's most famous athlete, this brew is freeze-distilled in a room beneath the old Clackamas Town Center ice rink. Strong enough to give you courage to bash in your mortal enemy's knee caps.

Baldy's Hot Take Gose

In honor of beloved Oregonian sports columnist John Canzano, this is an extra-salty but also spicy chili beer.

Cylvia Hayes Golden Ale

You'll dig this upwardly mobile Belgian ale in honor of the ex-first fiancee!

Isaac Brock's Modest Mouse Poop Beer 

(Actually just Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar.)

Aldridge Ale

Repackaged Lone Star in a silver-and-black bottle with five golden rings around the top.

Lars Larson Lager 

The local conservative radio talk show host's very traditional German lager is made with only pure ingredients (wink wink).

Little Big Hooters

In honor of local chainlet Little Big Burger's recent sale to the company that owns Hooters, a ketchup-and-wing-sauce-flavored beer that still tastes better than Rogue's Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale.

Everclear Brand Everclear

Rogue also makes distilled spirits. Wake up with a soul patch and a lifetime of regret.

HEAR IT: Rogue's Blunt n' Bitter beer will be introduced as part of Colin Cowherd's appearance on the Primetime With Isaac and Big Suke radio show, KFXX-AM 1080 "The Fan," on Friday, Aug. 28. 3-7 pm.