Boys Life #3
Watch Jason Gould succumb to the pressure of being Barbra Streisand's daughter--um, I mean son--in this series of five short films from Strand Releasing.

Cinema 21
616 NW 21st Ave., 223-4515
7 and 8:40 pm Friday- Thursday, plus 10:15 Friday- Saturday and 1:30, 3:15 and 5 pm Saturday- Sunday, Feb. 9-15.

Back in the day, I thought nothing of wearing a sheer, pink blouse with super-tight silver pants. My "outfit" not only attracted a few stares, but also caused me a fair amount of trouble.

I will never forget, for example, what happened one dark night, during a period I refer to as the dawn of my kinky-sex phase.

It all started innocently enough. You see, it was not unusual, after downing a few cocktails at my favorite homohole, for me to "meet" someone. On that night I hooked up with a hairstylist and, long-story-short, we went back to my place.

It was here that things got a little strange.

For some bizarre reason (I blame most of my twenties on alcohol), on this fateful eve I decided to take my one night stand to a whole new level. Suffice it to say, by the end of our romp my "new friend" was tied
to my bed with his own underwear while I attempted to cut his hair.

Ewww! Enough already, right?

Well, that's what I thought. But, nooo! Somehow, I got roped with a rep for playin' rough.

And, let me tell you, it was exhausting!
I was no stud: I was just wasted. And now, suddenly, I not only had to be great in bed, but I also had to keep coming up with new ideas for, literally, knockin' boots. It wore me out. Ultimately, this binding grind led me to an extended, monklike existence. Sex was no longer fun. It was just work.

That's why I find the upcoming costume-filled fantasy "Portland Uniform Weekend 2001" so utterly fascinating. Instead of my silly fashion style, these boys (and girls) don finery with a decidedly utilitarian flair: They dress up like everything from highway patrolmen to boot-camp foot soldiers. Why? For the sheer pleasure of turning the "troops" on. Spearheaded by local uniform aficionado/Star Wars scribe Andy Mangels (he's enlisted the help of the appropriately named Don Hood and Thom Butts), the weekend plays host to a variety of lively, livery events.

According to Mangels' website,, the PUW, in its ninth year, is one of the top three uniform-related events in the world, attracting S&M/uniform-clad men and women from all across the United States. Everyone is invited to show up--even if you're not in uniform. That's good news for all you bear-chasing, leather/flannel-wearing daddies.

Of all the weekend activities, the highlight is sure to be Friday night's "Men-Only Play Party and Clippers Party." A bargain at only 10 smackeroos, this late-night bacchanalia is said to include a haircutting/shaving social as well as a fully equipped dungeon with (yowza!) a homo-hammock and
a hot tub!

The weekend will end with a tour of Old Town's Classical Chinese Garden. Just think, a peaceful garden full of uniform-clad war babies. Now, if only I could find my pink shirt.

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