Last week, we featured a monthly cartoon party that gets patrons out of bed (though maybe not entirely dressed) and drinking on a Sunday afternoon. It's not the only event in which communal TV-watching gets top billing. Sports bars are reaping the benefits of the NCAA Finals, and there are other spots around town where paying attention to what's on the big screen might be more important than who's sitting next to you.

On a recent Tuesday evening, film fans packed Nocturnal's subterranean bar to watch films made with the theme of food in mind. Some of the material at this once-a-month movie night was very funny (especially a remake of The Breakfast Club with a twisted Judd Nelson lookalike stealing the show) while some of it was kind of gross (see bored housewife and milkman pouring milk all over each other) and others were just plain nostalgic (see the montage of '80s food commercials). Next month's installment, on April 27, focuses on reality television. Donald Trump impersonations, anyone?

Another indie film night, Sinister Cinema, doesn't have the theme guidelines. It's more of an open-mic night for filmmakers and exists at the sleazy-looking purple building that houses DV8. These nights favor a lowbrow sensibility and are peppered with giveaways that include passes to the Clinton Street Theater and free booze.

Since time immemorial, strip clubs, quiz nights, and bowling alleys have offered a little stimulation to go with the Pabst and Parliaments routine (well, except for that one guy in the corner--he never tires of the Pabst). This new trend simply gives us another option. And another place to watch new episodes of The Simpsons on Sundays.

Independent Tuesdays at Nocturnal, 1800 E Burnside St., 239-5900. 8:30 pm. 21+. Sinister Cinema at DV8, 5021 SE Powell Blvd., 772-2907. 9 pm last Sundays. Free. 21+. Simpsons viewings happen every Sunday at XV, 15 SW 2nd Ave., 790-9090. 8 pm.