It's nice to be back at work, where I'm needed. I didn't like all that time being cooped up at home. Even after the angry mob outside the house dispersed, the four walls were still closing in on me.

Quite a few issues blew up while I was out of the office. When I got back, a whole slew of public statements had to be issued right away. First there was the police inquest. Mike did such a nice job. But people sure do have a lot of tiresome questions. I have to keep telling them, thank you for your comments, we're looking into the issues in the Police Bureau. I wish they'd finally get it. I've been telling them this for eight years.

Too bad Sam's gone. He would have been a big help. But let's face it, he's lost to me now. When he called last week and begged me to endorse his opponent, I knew our special relationship was over.

Diane could sure use a supportive statement these days. But I've been there, done that, back when the gay-wedding thing broke. Now she's cracked under the pressure. What a disappointment. She's too young to remember the words I've based a career on: Love means never having to say you're sorry. I'm sure she's wondering where she's going to go if she's voted out. I'd try to get her back her old neighborhood-involvement gig, but with the Little Dictator running that office now, there's no chance.

Then there was Neil. Here I went and dashed off a statement expressing concern about his heart problem. As it turned out, I got the wrong organ.

--Posted by Vera at 11:08 pm

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