There's just no excuse for antics of parents like Stan Love, the father of Lake Oswego basketball phenomenon Kevin Love. The senior Love has run more than a little afoul of what most people would view as acceptable behavior.

Love took issue with Lake Oswego High School coach Mark Shoff last season over the rules concerning missed practices. School regulations state that a player who misses class can't attend after-school practice. Shoff, in turn, says players who miss a practice can't start in the next game.

About three-quarters of the way through last season, Kevin Love came down with mononucleosis. Because he stayed home from school, he couldn't practice and, therefore, didn't start in the next game.

Apparently, the pain of watching his son sit on the bench for the game's first six minutes was more than Stan Love could endure. The next day, he visited the school and began pasting "Fire Shoff" stickers around the gym, according to Kerry Eggers' June 25 Tribune report.

When Shoff called the 15 year-old player into his office to inform him of his father's bizarre behavior, Eggers reports, Stan Love hired a lawyer and took out a restraining order forbidding the coach from communicating with his son, the media or recruiters. He then threatened to transfer Kevin to another school unless Shoff was fired.

When the district called his bluff, Love backed down. It looks like Kevin and Shoff will be together again next November--despite the worst efforts of the ill-named Mr. Love.