Monica became a household name in 1998 when her lascivious liaison with Pres. Bill Clinton sparked an international media frenzy. The tawdry tale of the blue dress, the cigar and the presidential DNA eventually led to Clinton's impeachment and put a lasting stain on his presidency.

Monica held special significance for Portland, because she was a student at Lewis & Clark College, from which she graduated in 1995, with a BS in psychology, before moving East for that fateful internship at the White House.

After the scandal, Monica did a brief stint as spokeswoman for Jenny Craig and hosted the reality TV series Mr. Personality. Later she turned to designing handbags, which retail for $125 to $200 and boast exotic names such as "Moroccan Mermaid" and "Marrakech Kasbah." She currently lives in Manhattan, where she frequents A-list clubs and parties. She would not go on record for this article, but her spokeswoman said, "While Monica had a good time in Portland, she's trying to move on."

Last year, she asked a federal court if taxpayers could pay the $1 million in legal fees she accumulated during the Starr investigation. The answer was no.