Portland Family Entertainment (PFE)
Investors panicked, driving share prices through the floor, when PFE's new managers, Goldklang Group, announced that the ballpark's old management team rang up losses approaching $8 million--far steeper than previously reported.

Goodman Empire, Inc. (HIPX)
The Goodman family's lucrative stranglehood on downtown parking suffered a blow with the news that Ashforth Pacific Inc. snagged the parking contract at 200 SW Market St. from the Goodmans' City Center Parking operation.

Erik Sten, Inc. (GAPTH)
Shares in City Commissioner Erik Sten cratered when he admitted that the Water Bureau's infamous $8 million white elephant--er, billing system--should be scrapped as soon as 2004. No word yet on how this will trickle through to water rates.

DianeLinn & Co. (DIANE)
After weeks of luffing in the wind, DIANE stocks rebounded after Multnomah County Chair Diane Linn took decisive action to rescue the county's fractured mental-health system. With considerable finesse, Linn extracted top lieutenant Lolenzo Poe--widely viewed as an obstacle to reform--and reassigned him to a new position overseeing school and youth programs. Linn's move cleared the decks for her protégé, Jim McConnell, and allowed Poe to save face.


JoggerCorp (PANTZ)
Shareprices stumbled both for this sports company and its subsidiary, DogWalkers Inc., after a suspicious yellowish powder was spotted in one of the reservoirs on Mt. Tabor. Although the substance turned out to be innocent cedar pollen, the scare has accelerated plans to pave over the reservoirs, robbing joggers, dog walkers, and other park users of some spectacular views.

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