Downtown Portland
Age: 25

Northeast Portland
Age: 23

Northeast Portland
Age: 31

Northeast Portland
Age: 31

ANSWER #1: Chef: "Having to do what I'm told to do, prisons, a fascist state. I sometimes dream of suffocating. I think they're connected."

ANSWER #2: Art Student/Pizza Cook: "I'm scared that somebody's going to hit my car and not leave a note and I'm then I'm screwed. I don't want to drive around looking like a bad driver with a wrecked car. And scorpions and centipedes--I'm afraid of those, too. I grew up in New Mexico."

ANSWER #3: Executive Assistant: "I'm afraid to go over the Marquam Bridge. But just the top deck, west to east. That freaky side-rail is waist high, I can just imagine going right over. And the whole thing is on a bad camber."

ANSWER #4: Advertising Agency Employee: "Wig stores. I live right next to Mrs. C's Wigs. When it's not open, it's boarded-up. At other times, it seems really busy. Let's just say wig stores make me anxious. Wearing hair--somebody else's hair--on your head? That's just weird."


ANSWERS: #1-D, #2-B, #3-A, #4-C