Death With Dignity, Inc. (RIP)
The value of Oregon's doctor-assisted-suicide law plummeted early Tuesday on word that the Bush administration has decided to crack down on physicians who dispense fatal prescriptions in Oregon. Critics of the Oregon law had urged former President Clinton to do the same, but, under heavy lobbying from Sen. Ron Wyden and others, he declined to use the federal Controlled Substances Act to do so.



Port of Portland (CHNL)
In the latest evidence of the area's worsening economic fundamentals, Korean container giant Hanjin Shipping announced that it will suspend service to Portland until further notice.



Portland Public Schools (NOREKRUT)
Shares in the educational colossus drifted lower as six parents and students filed a class-action suit over the longstanding environmental problems at Whitaker Middle School. Meanwhile, the district still lacks a permanent CEO.



Portland Police (COPS)
Short-sellers cheered when the City Council voted not to exonerate a police lieutenant who broke the arm of radical activist Craig Rosebraugh at a downtown rally in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal in 1999. Although the council's decision may seem technical, analysts say the vote represented a significant blow to the Portland Police Bureau.




Senator Gordon Smith (PEAPKR)
Stock in the Republican senator (and Pendleton pea-packer) perked up after Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio ended two years of speculation and announced he was staying put in the U.S. House. That leaves Bradbury Inc. as the leading Democratic interest in a hostile takeover bid for Smith's Senate seat. Analysts say DeFazCo was leery of raising venture capital for an Initial Political Offering for either the U.S. Senate or the governor's race in 2002.


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