Mix one part mismatched buddies and 400 ounces of ultra-violence, sprinkle with witty banter, and you've got a Shane Black movie.

Lethal Weapon (and the three sequels)

The buddies: Suicidal lunatic Vietnam vet/cop Riggs (Mel Gibson) and crusted-over, "I'm too old for this shit" pre-retirement Murtaugh (Danny Glover) try to solve a murder.

Ultra-violent overkill: Gibson is allowed, by fellow cops, to get in a gory, bare-knuckle brawl with an albino Gary Busey.

Witty banter: Murtaugh: "God hates me. That's what it is." Riggs: "Hate him back—it works for me."

The Last Boy Scout

The buddies: Drunk, surly, washed-up P.I. Joe (Bruce Willis) and washed-up quarterback Jimmy (Damon Wayans) prove you can make a movie about football, killing, boobs and Mama jokes.

Ultra-violent overkill: After 90 minutes of blood, one man is beaten, stabbed and shot, then falls into the blades of a helicopter.

Witty banter: Jimmy: "Danger's my middle name." Joe: "Mine's Cornelius. Tell anyone and I'll kill ya."

Last Action Hero

The buddies: Robotic action star Jack Slater (Ah-Nuld, big stretch) and some little kid try to get out of Movieland.

Ultra-violent overkill: After an ice-cream truck explodes, a goon falls over with a cone in his skull.

Witty banter: Arnold: "Come see my new super-blockbuster." Audiences: "Not a chance in hell."

The Long Kiss Goodnight

The buddies: Ultra-sexy assassin/housewife with amnesia Charlie (Geena Davis) and sleazy P.I. Mitch (Samuel L. Jackson) try to figure out who the former really is.

Ultra-violent overkill: The movie is full of death and torture, but a flaming body strung up and shot is pretty gross.

Witty banter: Charlie: "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Mitch: "I hope not, because I'm thinking how much my balls hurt."