Among Hustler's 300,000 monthly recipients are all the members of Oregon's congressional delegation.

Before that sets off any sirens from the world-is-going-to-hell crowd, know that Larry Flynt's skin mag has long sent all 535 members of Congress a free copy, whether they want it or not.

Prompted by a recent item in The Salt Lake Tribune reporting Hustler's mailings, WW asked Oregon lawmakers what exactly they do with theirs, given that Flynt tells WW, "Some members of Congress can't wait to get their copy."

Our reporting reveals that none of those lascivious lawmakers are from Oregon, though their staffs certainly know when the magazine comes in.

"Well, there's no way it reaches the representative," says a laughing Jillian Schoene, spokeswoman for Rep. David Wu (D-1st District).

"We get the magazine in question,'' says Tim Daly, spokesman for Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-3rd District). "Just like every other office, we put it in the recycle bin when it arrives."

The office for Republican Sen. Gordon Smith didn't find any humor in the inquiry, hanging up the phone too fast to give any answers. The office of Oregon's only female rep, Darlene Hooley (D-5th District), didn't return our phone call.

Flynt, who during Monicagate offered

$1 million to anyone who could unearth a sex scandal involving lawmakers trying to impeach President Bill Clinton, says he sends Hustler to members of Congress because of its political and social satire.

In the April issue WW bought (for research purposes only) for $10.99, politicians could learn in Flynt's "Publisher's Statement" that he sees this year's midterm election as "an opportunity to take back our democracy from an out-of-control President and his neoconservative clique."

They also could turn to page 48, for a feature titled "How to Pick Up Chicks" in which two women appear to be in a loving same-sex relationship.

We'll leave the last word on the subject to Josh Kardon, chief of staff for Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden. Kardon joked that he'd be happy to forward the magazine each month to WW, saying, "You guys at the Willy Week always have sex on the mind." Since Sen. Gordon Smith's staff wouldn't answer whether he reads the Hustler mailed to all congressional offices, we let our imagination run.