"Club 1222, but I need to scan the parking lot first." This is seldom a good sign. Usually the passenger who says this is looking for a significant other's car, and this means drama.

Sure enough, her car is seen, my man goes in, and is in short order put out again by security. This brings on The Rant. However, I've heard this guy, and this guy's particular rant, before.

"Dude, I've driven you several times, and you've complained about her each time: how you buy her nice things, pay her car insurance, and yet she still treats you like shit. Why do you put up with it? Is she the best cocksucker in the world or something?"

"You hit the nail right on the head, right there, you did," he replies. "She's the best I've ever had in 34 countries I've visited." This raises the rather unappetizing image of him visiting countries for the express purpose of getting laid.

Thankfully, he distracts me from this by ranting about how she had him put out of the club. She was apparently upset by someone else in the club telling her that her man had recently left with another woman. He claims to have gone up to her tonight and asked her to point him toward "the simpleton filling her head with all this shit. Just tell me who he is." Instead, she signaled security.

"Sounds like someone who wants to date her," say I. "Damn straight he wants to date her," says he.

It seems her prowess has not gone unnoticed.