Since Oregon voters last week rejected term limits for legislators, Portland Mayor Tom Potter can stop his flop sweat. Why? Because Portland Democrats like House Speaker-to-be Jeff Merkley and Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown won't be forced by term limits to look for other work outside the Leg in running for mayor.

Weeks before it goes live, the oft-beleaguered aerial tram survived a test run. Yeah! And here's more good news: Commissioner Sam Adams reports about 350 suggestions to name the tram have come in on his blog, and only a couple dozen are non-starters. Let's take a stab: Will "Giant Metal Suppository" make the cut? Email your entries to

Buff Daddy's back in business. Last week, the much-storied Geoff "Buff Daddy" Thompson and his partner, Angelo Simione, got the green light to reopen the historic Viewpoint Inn in the Gorge after a three-year battle with neighbors and regulators.


Four more accused "eco-saboteurs" in a high-profile federal case dubbed "Operation Backfire" pleaded guilty in Eugene to arson and conspiracy charges. They will be sentenced in December and are likely to face jail stints from three to 15 years. Whew! Four more "domestic terrorists" down, one more Osama bin Laden to go.

Randy Albright, the bicyclist who sued TriMet after being punched by a passenger, might need to rethink his retirement plans. He was awarded $601 on Thursday—after asking for up to $48,000. Read more on

While we complain about the rain slowing down our daily commutes, our four-hoofed, cheese-producing friends in Tillamook County suffered more. Flooding there led to the drowning of nearly 100 dairy cows last week.

Pardon me, ma'am, I'll need to see your license, registration and...panties?!? Portland Police Officer John Wood resigned and pleaded guilty to criminal charges Monday after two women accused him of asking them to pull up their dresses during an August traffic stop.