Filmmaker South Portland


Art student, designer Beaverton


BRUCE LEIN, 45 Union Pacific switchman Southwest Portland



LORIE COATS, 24 Field merchandiser Las Vegas (via Southeast Portland)






ANSWER #1: "I don't think that anything should be done with him. When he went over there, we weren't at war with the Taliban. So I suppose that whatever happens to the ordinary Afghan fighters should happen to him, but if that means letting them go, then let him go."

ANSWER #2: "No special treatment. Obviously, he's kind of numb to his freedoms. Sending him back here isn't a good idea, because our legal system would probably let him off."

ANSWER #3: "We should build a little monument for him here in Jamison Square. We'll put it up next to William Wegman's dog bowls. Actually, we'll just put him up in the park; that'll be his punishment--to be public art."

ANSWER #4: "He's entitled to his beliefs. But I think he should be treated just like the others. He joined up with known terrorists, so he should be treated like one."


ANSWERS: 1-B, 2-D, 3-A, 4-C