Tarte-r Sauce

Glitz out the cheeks with the Good Life Mini Cheekstain Set from Tarte Cosmetics (below right) (Sephora, 9329 SW Washington Square Road, 684-9693). A set of three comes in a sparkle purse. Or layer on your mascara à la Christina Aguilera with Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes (left) ($18). They extend the eye-hair with Old Hollywood style.

Pit Stop

Armpit stains are for middle-school science teachers. LUSH Cosmetics Deodorant Powder ($6.95, LUSH, 803 NW 23rd Ave., 228-5874) keeps the armpits lickable and dry. Did we just say we like to lick armpits? Oh well.


Boasting a promise of 100-percent vegetarian formulas, organic botanicals and pure plant extracts, local skin and beauty company Talulah Natural Skincare sure knows how to create a tasty fusion of bath and body ingredients. Lather up with their Vanilla Bean Cleanser ($23, talulahskincare.com), a mix of organic sugar and jasmine rice. Or soak into the Bourbon Vanilla Oatmeal Bath ($22); it sounds good enough to eat. You might just want to take a sip while you're percolating. Wait, no—that would be really gross.

Sweet Nothings

Cheap enough to leave room for spending some moolah on the other gazillion people on your list but special enough to get the job done right, the Lemon Drop and Spoonful of Sugar gift sets ($35 each, Sephora, 9329 SW Washington Square Road, 684-9693) offer signature smells for your special someone—so fragrant you'll be sucking on his or her neck when you awake in the morn. (Two hurrahs for gifts that give on multiple levels.)

Huxtable Body Wash

Bill Cosby scoops Jell-O with a spoon. Lush makes Big Calm Jelly Soap ($5.95, LUSH, 803 NW 23rd Ave., 228-5874) to scoop the funk out of the crevices where pudding collects.

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