Christmas came early for Oregon Democrats, who learned last week they will have an extra $245 million to spend when they take control of both legislative houses next year. As with all holiday celebrations, the latest good-news economic forecast should come with a warning to wannabe spenders among the D's: If you don't want a hangover, go easy.

Oregon State football capped its Lazarus-like Pac-10 season with a 30-28 Civil War win Friday over Oregon (go to WWire at for more on the Ducks and the game). All credit to Beavers coach Mike Riley, who got his team off the midseason mat while many fans called for his firing.

Congrats also to Mother Nature, who set a record Sunday that rain-loving Portlanders can brag about. The airport's 64-year-old November rainfall record of 11.57 inches was broken last weekend with days to spare. We turn for comfort to Axl Rose, who sang, "Nothin' lasts forever/ Even cold November rain."


Don't run afoul of Phil Knight. The Nike founder handed out holiday pink slips to Nike's Pakistani soccer-ball manufacturer, Saga Sports, which allegedly ran afoul of labor laws. And it looks like Knight finally rid himself of University of Oregon Athletic Director Bill Moos, who's long been on the bad side of his program's largest donor.

The Beaverton School District is investigating whether any of its employees had a conflict of interest in the adoption of a new "reform" math curriculum that some parents call "fuzzy math." The Oregonian reports the probe was triggered by ex-employee Kathy Pfaendler getting consulting fees from the group that helped the district make the transition to the new program.

Calling "Doctor Death." An Australian court last week issued arrest warrants for Dr. Jayant Patel, the former Portland surgeon whose nickname comes courtesy of the tabloids Down Under. Patel is nowhere to be found, but he faces three charges of manslaughter and five charges of causing grievous harm to patients in Australia.