Someone put a hamburger on a cat and took a picture. It became part of the book Stuff on My Cat ($10, Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St., 288-4651). A book with pictures of stuff on cats, instead of a book with pictures of stuffed cats.

Sandwich bags are fine for picking up dog poo. But, wrapped tightly with rubber bands, they feel crappy inside a pants pocket. The Bon Ton Polka Dot Luxury Pick-Up Kit ($12.50, Pearl Retriever, 526 NW 13th Ave., 295-6960) is a soft storage device in the shape of a bone. It fits on a belt loop, the collar of a dog or the end of a leash. Multiple bags fit inside for multiple dog-poop pickups.

Dog farts smell of Tarn-X and sheep. Their butt exhaust fogs up car windows in the rain. Yet most public farts come from us, and we tend to blame them on our dogs. Black Jack addresses this issue with a cute camouflage doggie tank ($15, Black Jack Inc., It reads, "Stop blaming your farts on me." The statement fits toy poodles to Dobermans.

Kangaroos develop their joeys in a pouch. Outward Hound developed the Pet-a-Roo ($35.99, Urban Fauna, 235 NW Park Ave., 223-4602) with this in mind. The hands-free carrier is a safe way to transport small animals like cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets weighing 10 to 20 pounds. The drawstring top and padded bottom restrain the creature in comfort, while the vented sides prevent fur sweat.

Leashed dogs pop wrist sockets out of place, as most leashes have no give. The Ruby 6-foot Big Dog Leash ($18, Green Dog Pet Supply, 4605 NE Fremont St., 528-1800) bucks this trend. It's locally made from recycled nylon climbing rope used in Everest expeditions, and maybe a couple Rainier summits. If squirrel-jerk occurs, the dynamic nature of this climbing-rope/leash stretches, saving your wrist for fetch.

The Alora Ambiance Reed Diffuser ($80, Pearl Retriever, 526 NW 13th Ave., 295-6960) affects the effects of pet odor. Alora's simple design has scented liquid traveling up reed sticks to fill a room with inviting scents like muguet, sandalwood, musk and lemon.

Cats on catnip are like kids on caffeine. Cats on Kitty Hooch ($5.50, The Cat's Meow, 3538 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 231-1341) are like kids on blow. Think of it as the White Lightning of catnip. The makers of Kitty Hooch offer this testimonial: "We have even seen a cat try to chew on a much bigger dog that had [Kitty Hooch] scent on it. However, the best part of this is watching your cat have so much fun."

Black Labs sometimes chase their tails. It can be cute. But not when it lasts six hours straight. Wag the Dog offers Behavioral Consultation and Modification ($50, Wag the Dog, 2410 SE 50th Ave., 238-0737), a problem-identification and treatment program specific to your dog. It's like Cesar Millan without the pit bull.

Lynn Brunelle, writer for Bill Nye the Science Guy, meditates on the sound of one wing clapping. Yoga for Chickens ($7, Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St., 288-4651) is her satire on mindfulness. Learn the gizzard stretch, the drumstick stretch and the flattened chicken pose.

Patrick McDonnell, author of Mutts, had replicas made of his little friends Mooch, Earl, Guard Dog and Shtinky ($14.99, Things from Another World, 4133 NE Sandy Blvd., 284-4693). They're pets you can take to work.

The Cat Racket Tunnel ($15.99, Healthy Pets Northwest, 2224 NE Alberta St., 249-6571) appeals to cats like an empty paper bag. It even sounds like a paper bag when cats run through it. But it doesn't turn into paper shreds after four minutes of play.

A fake-rabbit squeak toy is pure fun for dogs. The flat and fuzzy Squeeze Me squeaker ($9.99, Animal Crossing NW, 4633 SE Woodstock Blvd., 777-6318) is similar to other squeak toys, except it has no guts for the pooch to rip out. This toy squeaks longer.

Prevent a dog from barking with the MultiVet Anti-Bark collar, with voice-activated citronella spray ($99, Urban Fauna, 235 NW Park Ave., 223-4602). The short, cologne-like bursts both mute the dog and kill bad breath.

A Paris Bébé Chéri without footwear is just a bébé chéri. Get Paris Bébé Chéri's Black Rhinestone Cowdog Boots with gold metal accents ($75,

Keep the dog warm and dry and stylishly soft. The houndstooth hooded jacket ($65, from Puppia prevents pooch-sneeze.