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February 28th, 2007 12:00 am WW Editorial Staff | News Stories

Where There's Smoke, There's A Contest

Win fabulous prizes. Enter this photo contest!


Driving through Southwest Portland over the past several months, we've noticed this distinctive gray 1992 Cadillac parked in an intriguing location.

To test thirsty readers' knowledge, we offer the following quiz:

1.Who owns the car?

2.What is the significance of the license plate?

3.Where is the car parked (in the picture above and most business days)?

4.What is the significance of the car being parked where it is?

Here's a helpful hint to assist with all these questions: The lessee of the parking lot, the owner of the car and even the car's plate will be familiar to close readers of the local press.

The first person to email all of the correct answers to the questions above wins a $50 gift certificate to Kells and $50 in coffee coupons to Equator Coffee Cafe. Send your entries to smokephoto@wweek.com.

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