Soccer: A chance to explore other cultures, plus drink beer and wear seasonally inappropriate scarves. This Tuesday night, fans of the Portland Timbers enjoy a rare opportunity to do all of the above—with a little of that Italian bella figura flair.

One of the world's most prestigious teams, AC Milan (that's "Associazione Calcio," for long), comes to PGE Park on June 19 for an exhibition against our humble Timbers. OK, so actually it's AC Milan's "Primavera" team, a squad composed of under-21 players the Italian club hopes will become superstars. Still, the barely legals in Milan's black-and-red jerseys should give the blue-collar homeboys quite a game. (And maybe, who knows, vice versa.)

How big is the gap between our Timbers and their boutique visitors? Let's compare.

AC Milan vs. Portland Timbers at PGE Park, 1844 SW Morrison St., 7 pm Tuesday, June 19. $17. All ages. For tickets, call the PGE Park box office at 553-5555, Ticketmaster at 224-4400 or visit