DIALING FOR DJS The host of Z100's popular morning show is off the air—at least for now. The Buckhead Show, which now consists of everyone BUT Buckhead, looked like it was pulling one of its publicity stunts when it ran its "Where's Buckhead?" campaign. But there was actually a breakdown in contract negotiations. Program director Brian Bridgman posted this on the Z100 website last week: "After a great three-year run in mornings at Z100, Buckhead and Z100 could not come to terms with a new contractual agreement...Z100 is now searching for his successor."

AMUSE BOUCHE Gossip from our neighbors to the north! Foodies in the know say clarklewis ex-chef Morgan Brownlow, the talented foodsmith who left town after food empire ripe's public meltdown last year, has a pig-centric charcuterie and butcher shop in the works at an undisclosed Seattle location. Lucky Seattle bastards.

ROCK DOCS Portland's known its homegrown Rock and Roll Camp for Girls (girlsrockcamp.org) was awesome since it debuted its first summer camp for little ladies to kick musical ass in 2001, but now the rest of the country gets a clue thanks to The Today Show. Yep, Matt Lauer's minions shot RnRC4G footage for a segment to air at 8:40 am Wednesday, July 18, on NBC (that's Channel 8 in PDX). What's more, attendance numbers for this summer's three week-long camps are huge: 158 girls total attended the first two, and 88 more are slated to rock next week's final camp. And stay tuned: ABC's Nightline will air a piece on the camp the last week in July. UPDATE: Here's a link to the RnRC4G Today Show appearance (it takes a while to load, be patient). Enjoy! http://video.msn.com/v/us/msnbc.htm?g=c4b01a48-d11e-41a1-99e2-e5ba79673d64&f=05&fg=email

A SHORT CORRECTION In the July 11, 2007, issue of WW, a little-read section of the paper called the "It List" wrote up the Basset Hound Games in Woodburn, Ore. The listing contained several factual errors, which were promptly brought to our attention by Portland's vibrant community of basset hound enthusiasts. The "It List" incorrectly stated that bassets possess "a small dog's body but a large dog's skin." Secretary-treasurer Janice Henry Colvin of Oregon Basset Hound Rescue (the games' sponsor) pointed out: "Basset hounds do not have 'small' bodies. Their bodies are large. Their legs are just short." We appreciate the clarification. Also, basset hounds are not genetically engineered "abominations of nature," as It List claimed. In fact, writes Colvin, "They were bred specifically as scent hounds.... Their long ears catch the scent...and their loose neck skin keeps the scent right under their noses." Finally, the It List implied that bassets are "too sad and misshapen to live" and yearn for the sweet release of death. But, says Colvin, bassets only appear sad, and in reality have "happy, goofy dispositions." In summary, bassets are not the deformed products of irresponsible breeding, they do not harbor suicidal impulses, and objects only occasionally become lodged in their eyelid pouches. WW deeply regrets these errors and apologizes to our readers and the basset hound community. It List writer Ethan Smith will be disciplined with a reduced ration of fish heads.