Online comments about Measure 49


Are you kidding me?!? A bunch of wealthy donors manipulates the political process to deny citizen involvement in the initiative process, and all WW can say is that the measure "took an unusual route to the ballot" ["Truth and Consequences," Oct. 10]??? This is the type of professional political hucksterism that destroys the democratic process. Whether one agrees with the goals of Measure 49 or not (and I, for one, do), this abuse of the process is terrible for our state. All of us, and especially WW , should be screaming about this; as for me I am a "no" vote until they come back and do this fairly next session.

Jen Jones

Unfortunately there will not be a "next time" unless Measure 49 passes. If it fails, the Legislature will not touch this issue with a 100-foot pole for a long time. As someone who was in Salem lobbying for changes to Measure 37, I can guarantee you that this is the case. I can also tell you, from my experience as a legislative aide some years ago, that this kind of insider politics happens all the time. That doesn't make it right—I happen to agree with you for the most part—but it is common no matter who is in charge of the process. At least if M49 passes, we will avoid the conversion of farm and forest land—the massive subdivisions—that will start construction this fall. That much is certain.


Making sausage sometimes isn't pretty. No laws were broken, and we elect legislators to craft laws, including referrals to the voters. It's vital we stop the continuing damage of Measure 37, and it's incumbent on us to vote Yes on 49.

Peter Bray

I didn't vote for the Ds to take back the legislature so that they could act like Republicans. Since when does the end justify the means? The Legislature should pay eminent domain for all those subdivisions which I hate and which are ruining our state, until they go back and do it right. We are destroying paradise in Oregon both environmentally and politically. Measure 37 was a disaster that needs to be repealed, but I am voting NO on 49 until the professional pols quit screwing with us.

Free Oregon

And as for Measure 50...


Measure 50 is an entitlement program for middle class Oregonians. The poor and working class already have [healthcare] programs that actually cover the entire family. A family of 4 making $70,000 per year will pay half the state and federal taxes of a childless couple making the same. We are already giving freebies to middle class families. Enough. ...

I'm one predominantly liberal, non-smoker who thinks M-50 is utter madness.


Why did big tobacco companies think Oregonians care about their state constitution vis-a-vis statutes? The reason we're voting on this was because it was easier for the Legislature to amend our constitution than passing a law covering tobacco tax.


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