Let’s Talk Parking!

As the Chairman of the North Macadam Urban Renewal Advisory Committee, I have to dispute Nigel Jaquiss' article ["Parking on a Platter," Oct. 17].

First of all, at our NMURAC meeting we did not discuss at all the parking at the Strand. If Mr. Jaquiss had been present at the meeting, he too would know that there was never any discussion involving parking at the Strand.

Secondly if any member of the Committee was astounded by the information regarding the parking deal at the Strand, then they haven't been paying attention to the meetings that have been happening over the last three to four years. We would welcome Mr. Jaquiss to attend our meetings on the second Thursday of every month. That way he would be able to report the truth.

Steve Gray
Chair, North Macadam Urban Renewal Advisory Committee

Go Tax Yourselves



s endorsement of Measure 50 ["Measured Endorsements," Oct. 17]: Let's do an initiative to impose a special tax on weekly community newspapers. Better yet, let's put it in the Constitution. We'll justify it by claiming that the proceeds will support reading programs for poor handicapped minority children at the library. But let's word the details so that only 31 percent of the money goes to that purpose—the rest goes to the statewide slush fund, to be spent on any foolish idea the Leg comes up with. Yeah! That's the ticket!

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Another Problem-Solvin’ Reader

Here's the solution for the Burnside couplet problem ["Street Fight," Oct. 23]: Use the oppressed elephants from the Zoo ["Elephant Fears," Oct. 10] to ferry riders up and down Burnside. This completes the Stumptown trifecta of Trolley, Tram, and Pachyderm. Everybody wins.

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's review of Oregon Ballet Theatre's latest show last week should have listed James Kudelka's piece as

Almost Mozart,


Mostly Mozart

. And Edward Villella (not George Balanchine) was cast, among others, against Suzanne Farrell in Balanchine's original

Midsummer Night’s Dream


Also, contrary to a claim in our preview of Kathleen Halme's poetry reading, the Press Club does provide power outlets for laptop-toting writers (check under the benches).

WW regrets the errors.