If you're craving something sweet, you're living in the right town. Our city is home to some of the country's best bakers—not that we'd actually boast about it. From crisp, buttery, overfilled tartlet crusts to chewy, crusty artisan loaves full of nutty flavor, it's here. Here's a basic list to get you started. (See listings for more bakeries.)

Black Sheep Bakery

This top-notch vegan bakery sells to coffee shops all over town, but you can get the goods here, along with coffee and sandwiches.

833 SE Main St., 235-1419.


Descend a small staircase from street level, and you'll find this traditional bakery that sells high-end pastries to wholesale clients all over town. Here, fist-sized cookies and croissants reign.

404 NW 10th Ave., 546-3032.

Saint Cupcake

The city's best cupcakes are here, in inventive flavors like Fat Elvis, a banana butter-cake topped with peanut butter ganache, or hot fudge on top of vanilla or chocolate cake. Two sizes satisfy even tiny cravings—or mouths.

407 NW 17th Ave., 473-8760.

Blue Gardenia

High-quality pastries, house-roasted coffee and notoriously attractive baristas—need we say more?

3747 N Mississippi Ave., 460-2583.

Baker & Spice

Baker and owner Julie Richardson goes to extreme lengths to create pies, tarts and cakes that reflect the seasons—and the cravings of her neighbors.

6330 SW Capitol Highway, 244-7573.


Classic French and Italian Old World-style breads, danishes, muffins and an array of other sinful treats are to be found here, along with the usual coffee drinks.

4636 NE 42nd Ave., 281-1373.

An Xuyen

This bakery turns out fluffy, crisp-crusted mini-baguettes for your sandwiches or theirs, at unbelievable prices. Don't skip their wallop-packin' sweet iced coffee.

5345 SE Foster Road, 788-0866.

Grand Central Bakery

The newest of this bakery's outposts is a behemoth of a building, churning out thousands of loaves of artisan bread a day—and you can watch it all come together while munching a tofu Cuban sandwich or triple-chocolate cookie from the dining area.

2249 NW York St., and other locations, 808-9860.