1. There Will Be Blood:

Hold on tight to your milkshakes! Daniel Day-Lewis is drinking at the theater pubs.

Academy, Bagdad, Laurelhurst, Mission.

2. Juno:

Underage pregnancy meets alcohol? Unheard of.

Academy, Avalon, Bagdad, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Mission, Milwaukie.

3. No Country for Old Men:

The Coens' best movie since

Henry Kissinger: Man on the Go



4. The Magnificent Seven:

Samurai warriors magically transform into cowboys.


5. Intermedia Video Fest ’08:

Pacific Northwest College of Art students present their animated and stop-motion projects. Attend as revenge against your parents, who never allowed you to drink beer while you watched cartoons.

Bagdad. 6 pm Wednesday, April 16.