NICK OF TIME: When Frank Nudo closed Southeast Hawthorne's Nick's Famous Coney Island last March, a PDX icon slipped from hotspot status to legend of the past. But, as it turns out, the loss was only temporary. Nick's is being resurrected and revamped by father-son duo Dave and Tyler Rogoway. Both longtime patrons of Nick's, the Rogoways will preserve the eatery's original "soul" by keeping the art deco bar, retro booths, and all of Nudo's sports paraphernalia on the walls. The new Nick's will televise all Yankee games (Nudo's favorite team) and, according to the elder Rogoway, the place will have a "very Rat Pack feel." To please loyal customers, the Rogoways have obtained Nudo's famous chili recipe (so it won't end up one of those tragic stories about a brilliant joint that suddenly sucks due to a change in ownership). A reopening celebration is slated for the latter half of June.