Match the photo with the response. Answers below.

, 29 Market researcher, Southeast Portland

, 31 Staffing coordinator, Southeast Portland


"CITY KOW," Age Unknown, Fiberglass bovine, Downtown


ZYNA GAULT, 40 Staffing coordinator, Southeast Portland



ANSWER #1: "I like them. I think it adds character, since Oregon's got a lot of farmland and all that. Hopefully, the money will go to the right place."

ANSWER #2: "There's no grass here, it's been raining all day and I haven't been milked in weeks. Do you know what that feels like? Good thing I love kids. I'd like to go to Switzerland next; they know how to treat a cow right."

ANSWER #3: "I know they're 'Kows for Kids,' but I want them to go to the right home--some Nature Conservancy place or something."

ANSWER #4: "I have a fond appreciation of the cow down by the Chinatown MAX stop that's completely covered in Japanese armor. I'm a martial artist, and it reminds me of the Japanese arts of war."


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