June 25th, 2008 12:00 am Sara Moskovitz | Special Section Stories

Juicy Suits

Poolside style from boutiques to The Bins.


IMAGE: Adrian Adel

Get The Goods:

Amy Lux Jewelry luxjewelry.biz

Compound 107 NW 5th Ave., 796-2733, compoundgallery.com. $$$.

Destroy 1712 E Burnside St., 236-7339, destroystore.com. $$.

Goodwill Bins 1740 SE Ochoco St., 230-2076, meetgoodwill.com. $.

Hipposchemes thegoldenkalf.net. $$.

Johnny Sole 815 SW Alder St., 225-1241, johnnysole.net. $$$.

Lille 1007 E Burnside St., 232-0333, lilleboutique.com. $$$.

Local 35 3556 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 963-8200, local35.com. $$.

Luxury Jones for Seaplane 827 NW 23rd Ave., 234-2409, e-seaplane.com. $$$$.

Macy’s 621 SW 5th Ave., 223-0512. $$.

Paperdoll Fashion heathertreadway.com. $$$.

PrettyUgly prettyuglyonline.com. $.

Popina Swimwear 4831 NE 42nd Ave., 282-5159, popinaswimwear.com. $$$.

Red Light 3590 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 963-8888; 333 SW 10th Ave., 231-2415. $$.

Sole 1033 NW Couch St., 222-7653. $$$.

Steez Clothing steez360.com. $.

Upper Playground 25 NW 5th Ave., 548-4835, upperplayground.com. $$.

Prices: $—$1-$50. $$—$50-$100. $$$—$100-$150. $$$$—$150+.

1. ON MARINA: Shutter shades in red, Compound; Ralph Lauren polka suit, Macy’s; Tap pants, Luxury Jones for Seaplane; Sam Edelman “Faith” flat, Sole.

ON NICOLE: Floral top, Goodwill Bins; blue floral side-tie boy short, Popina Swimwear; Sam Edelman “Damia” gold metallic wedge, Sole.

2. ON SHILO: Homeroom “5 Panel” hat, Destroy; Shutter Shades, Compound; Modern Amusement V-neck tee, Local 35; Paint Splatter zipper vest, Hipposchemes; Levis Shoreline plaid board shorts, Macy’s.

3. ON NICOLE: Araks Petra one-piece suit, Lille.

4. SHOES (LEFT TO RIGHT): Sam Edelman “Damia,” Sam Edelman “Faith,” BCBG Girls “Buffy,” Sole.

5. ON NIKI: Victorian Cut-Out suit, Luxury Jones for Seaplane; footed tights, Red Light; Oh…Deer! heels, Sole.

ON MARINA: Puff neck piece, Luxury Jones for Seaplane; sparkle top, Luxury Jones for Seaplane; side-tie boy short, Popina Swimwear; Lovely People “Frida” wedges, Johnny Sole.

6. ON BINNY: Wayfarer shades, PrettyUgly; necktie and patchwork vest, Hipposchemes; “Where We Be” tee, Destroy; Plaid “Shut Up” shorts, The Hundreds for Compound.

7. ON BINNY: “Houndstooth Wars” hat, Destroy; Yoko Devereaux tank, Local 35; KZO “The Traction Shorts,” Local 35.

ON LIZ C.: Animal print one-piece, Goodwill Bins; Explode FuturZ vest, Paperdoll Fashion.

ON JAVAR: Rainbow-print tee (on head), Upper Playground; screenprint tee, Steez Clothing.

8. ON JESSICA: Ralph Lauren floral bikini top, Macy’s; acid wash vest, Goodwill Bins; tube skirt and puff tie, Luxury Jones for Seaplane; metallic animal print/fishnet leggings, Goodwill Bins.

Stylist: Sara Moskovitz

Photographer: Adrian Adel // adrianadelphotography.com // myspace.com/adelpho

Hair: Rachel Brady // myspace.com/missbrown

Make-Up: Jack Caton // deejayjacklovesyou@gmail.com // myspace.com/deejayjacklovesyou

Jeweler: Amy Lux // luxjewelry.biz


Marina // myspace.com/marinaun

Niki // myspace.com/luxuryjonesforever

Liz C. // myspace.com/massart

Jessica // myspace.com/jessweez_

Nicole // myspace.com/hallehood

Binny // myspace.com/binny503

Shilo // myspace.com/djkidshilo

Javar // thegoldenkalf.net

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