What hath Ehlis wrought? Her Serenade manages to be lyrical and contrapuntal at the same time. This is an artist who is witty but not snarky, smart but not divorced from the senses. She's also increasingly spartan in her sensibility yet never unaware of her work's ability to please as well as pique. Her work stands at the crossroads of painting, sculpture and new media—and she makes this hodgepodge work via ever-unfolding layers of implication and overtone and a spectacular perfection of execution. What Ehlis is doing has nothing to do with "Northwest art," nor with any school or trend anywhere; her concern is the relationship of one form to another, and of their aggregate impact upon the viewer. If you have a pair of eyes and a brain, you owe it to yourself to see this thoughtful, jubilant tour de force of a show.


Jacqueline Ehlis at New American Art Union, 922 SE Ankeny St., 231-8294. Closes Aug. 10.