Sick of the finger

I don't blame her [Sue Castner, "Rogue of the Week," WW, Aug. 27, 2008] one bit! Most of you Obama supporters that I have had to deal with are the rudest most hateful people I've seen in years. I have a bumpersticker that says, "Republican because not everyone can be on welfare" on my vehicle and I get the finger from Obama supporters everyday.

That's just one of the reasons why after 28 years of being a Dem I switched parties. You no longer are in touch with what the country or its people need. I don't agree with everything that the Republicans do either, but at least they are not radicals and they have some morals. Whoever wrote this piece is another idiot following an inexperienced man that should never have even been considered for the most important job in the world.


Look, we all know that WW is a thinly veiled front for Little Beirut's Left Wing...but purposely making a Democrat the Rogue of the Week for speaking her mind and exercising her freedom of choice in a tight election??? C'mon guys, if it were a Republican pondering crossing party lines at the upcoming convention in Minneapolis you would have kissed their ass and held them up as the example to follow.

Just try harder to look like a legitimate newspaper with editors that care a bit less about the party label. You are better than far.
"Dan Estes"


[Re: "Merkley: Rhymes With Barkley?" WW, Aug. 27] Folks getting these calls who are on the do not call list should report them to the Oregon Department of Justice.
"Jake W."


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