This has been a great year for music fans, and it's not even over yet. In 2008, Portlanders saw unprecedented national attention on their own rapidly blooming music scene, and nationally, it was a year of both stylistic and economic experimentation­­­—as the old music industry crumbles, all the unspoken rules of genre and radio friendliness seem to finally be shaking off.

It's in the midst of this new musical frontier that this year's MusicfestNW pairs exciting new national acts (No Age, TV on the Radio) with some old favorites (Polvo, Seaweed) and a hearty chunk of the best Portland has to offer (the Shaky Hands, Starfucker). More venues, more bands, and more big names than ever before. We are pretty darn proud of this year's fest and we'd put it right up there with all those other festivals you've been reading about on your favorite blog. But MusicfestNW has one big advantage over all those other festivals: It's in Portland.
Casey Jarman
Music Editor, Willamette Week

Casey Jarman

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