The Lincoln administration is giving its students a failing grade in physical education ["Back to Fool," WW, Sept. 3, 2008]. At a time when students are in the worst physical condition, have the poorest eating habits [and] highest suicide rate ever, and need daily activity the most, principals have reduced the program. As pointed out by two Lincoln teachers in the article, the physical education part of Quest is a bogus, buy your credit program. There are no instructors, no accountability and no educational values taking place.... What was once a strong model program is now being reduced to a hollow shell of its former self.
"Tom Thomas"
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Maybe if "physical education" wasn't such a complete farce to start with, and maybe if it wasn't 80% of the time just an excuse to bully and cajole anyone who isn't a jock, no one would feel the need to find a way around it. More power to the kids who "work the system"—at least they're not wasting their time mastering such essential life skills as the pull up bar and "sit and reach."
"unhip pdx"
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Calm down hippies ["Rogue of the Week," WW, Sept. 3, 2008]. Don't give yourself too much credit... THEY AREN'T AFTER YOU. If it frightens you...move. We need protection even if you think the world is filled with beautiful-smelling roses.... This might shock you hippies, but I'm a registered DEMOCRAT! Now go get jobs, thicken up your skin, vote for Obama, and hold criminals accountable for once.
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