With summer on the wane, your swimming days are numbered. But if people with fancy hot tubs get to splash around all through the winter, then why shouldn't you? So long as you've got a yard, driveway, deck or sidewalk big enough to hold a kiddie pool, consider yourself ready for romantic nights spent lounging in your own personal spa.

Visit your local hardware store and pick up a faucet adaptor that fits to the thread of a hose ($4-$5)—and a garden hose ($15) if necessary. Unscrew the aerator attachment at the tip of your faucet and replace it with your shiny new spout. Attach the hose and snake it out through the nearest window or door and into your kiddie pool. Decide if you want your hot tub to be scalding, warm, or tepid, and crank your faucet accordingly (this setup works especially well for people whose utilities are included in their rent).

Keep the hot water on a constant trickle once you get in—kiddie pools may be cheap, but they offer zero insulation for keeping the warmth in. Now go ahead, get in and relax: Pour some of that Miller into a jeweled goblet and live the high life.

What you need

Kiddie pool


Garden hose

Any outdoor space.

In hose-length proximity to a kitchen or bathroom faucet.