[Re: "Señor Smith," WW, Sept. 10, 2008] Please, can a Republican tell me this: Are you for kicking all illegal immigrants out, OR are you for all the farmers and businesses like Smith's that rely on undocumented workers to keep those business viable??? I honestly want to know!
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I hired illegals in my landscaping business, but I never lied about it. I also paid them better than Smith does. He's not a public servant, he's more like a parasite.
"John Denton"
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This article brings attention to the essential problem with our federal government—that business people with deep pockets are allowed to determine laws which regulate their own businesses or market environments. It is an inherent conflict of interest.

Senator Smith, if you mean what you say and say what you mean, then you should immediately sign "your wife's company" (cough) up with DHS' E-Verify program. I'll be voting for Merkley in November.
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Possibility is that Smith's maybe immigrants could be among the 2 million-plus LEGAL immigrants that come here every year.

Reality is that his opponent, Jeff Merkley, as leader of the House in '07, had three chances to make E-Verify the law in Oregon. He stopped any public hearing or a full vote on all three.

Do YOU all not realize that a nonstop flow of desperate Third World workers who will work for less pay and benefits than YOU continues? This is destroying our economy and YOUR future paycheck. Only E-Verify can stop this and "D" leader Nancy Pelosi, will not allow a vote on the S.A.V.E. Act to make E-Verify nationwide law.
"Rick Hickey"
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I'm a Democrat and will not vote for Gordon Smith ["Señor Smith, WW, Sept. 10, 2008]. However, this story is sensationalist at best. With all of your second-hand information and lack of any proof Smith has knowingly and willingly hired illegal employees, you come across as just trying to create a story where there really isn't one. The fact that this is on the cover and lacks any substantive evidence shows that WW is not as credible as our more mainstream newspapers. And that is a shame, because I like WW so much better.
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