It's literally impossible to miss the game at The Cheerful Bullpen (1730 SW Taylor St., 222-3063). Located just across the MAX tracks from PGE Park, the Bullpen has long been a haven where pint-guzzling Timbers fans could congregate before heading to the game. Now, after a change in ownership and a makeover courtesy of longtime PSU staple Cheerful Tortoise, the Bullpen is equipped with 10 flat-screen TVs showing every second of the World Series and the new season of Survivor from multiple angles. Each booth across from the bar is outfitted with its own setup, ensuring that even a trip to the bathroom won't cause you to miss any action. The beer selection is ample, and the $2.75 pints on Sunday night (which includes almost everything on tap) is one of the city's biggest steals. "Could you see OK?" the bartender asked as I closed my tab, after I admitted I'd left my glasses at home. Before I could answer, the chorus of drunk Phillies fans interjected for me: "You can see everything here!" Even a blind man could see that one coming a mile away.