Nestled at the bottom of an apartment complex in inner Southeast, Gil's Speakeasy (609 1/2 SE Taylor St., 234-8991) is so inconspicuous one would surely miss it if not for the Rainier emblem in the window and a few fixed gears loitering outside the front door. And that would be a mistake. While the joint doesn't have a trace of moonshine on the menu, it's a dive with a homey, comforting feel; low ceilings and close quarters make it easy to get to know your neighbor—or hear stories about an ill-fated slutty bee costume. The clientele is an interesting mix of blue-collar locals and broke twentysomethings, coming together to share ridiculously cheap $5 pitchers of PBR or Rainier and a few games of drunken table shuffleboard. The jukebox is loaded with oldies (the Band, vintage Petty), and the Alaskan bartender sings along to nearly every word on the Exploding Hearts' "Sleeping Aids & Razorblades."