22 Ixnay on the Habit

Samantha Pleet's Bottle Rocket Dress is somewhat reminiscent of a feisty nun. The front's staid and conservative, but the back—way hot. Either way, it's a great party dress. ($350. Frances May, 1013 SW Washington St., 227-3402, francesmay.net.)

23 Conversation Piece

This Draugsvold necklace of vintage brass, glass beads and a strand of turquoise is celebratory without being too flashy. ($230. Una, 2802 SE Ankeny St., 235-2326, una-myheartisfull.com.)

24 Dressed to Frill

Sweetly knit sweater dresses are ideal for holiday soirees, and Manoush does it best with this fancy red ruffled frock. ($374. Bubble Boutique, 1238 NW Glisan St., 219-0098, bubbleboutique.com.)

25 Droppin’ the Ball

Linsey Ann’s fancy fleur-de-lis print vest pairs cascading ruffles and a zip-up back for a go-to New Year’s Eve party top. ($128. Seaplane, 827 NW 23rd Ave., 234-2409, e-seaplane.com.)

26 Huffing and Puffing

This avant-garde take on the scarf, by 5th Avenue Shoe Repair, is a wearable piece of art. Braided from strands that replicate the look and feel of a puffy ski jacket, this nylon neck wrap/shawl/covering is a piece of rare originality. ($255. Stand-Up Comedy, 811 E Burnside St., Suite 119, 233-3382, shopstandingup.com.)

27 The Plastics

Plastic Island’s overcoat is just girly enough; its wide collar gives way to a ruffled bib and batwing sleeves, but the belt keeps it flattering. ($164. Frank James, 723 E Burnside St., No. 103, 239-3959, frankjamesclothing.com.)

28 Yellow Is Mellow

Break free from the tyranny of seasonal red, white and green: Local designer Linsey Ann offers this high-waisted mustard skirt that is both cute and practical. ($148. Seaplane, 827 NW 23rd Ave., 234-2409, e-seaplane.com.)

29 Take Care Down There

If you’re gonna treat yourself right, you can’t skimp on the underthings. Translation: Splurge on a matching set. The B-Fractional bralette ($175) and undies ($120) are the way to go. (Lille Boutique, 1007 E Burnside St., 232-0333, lilleboutique.com.)

30 Bring the Bling

Lauren Merkin’s clutches come in glossy, fun textures and various shapes and sizes. ($235. Moulé, 1225 NW Everett St., 227-8530, moulestores.com.)

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