There are pubs and then there are beer meccas, and Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern (1004 N Killingsworth St., 206-4252), owner Sarah Pederson's diminutive love note to Midwestern schmaltz and global craft-beer achievement, is the latter. Grab a tall bottle of Belgian ale to go, or sip a pint ($4-$4.50) of Santa's Private Reserve from Rogue Brewery at the bar's bottle-cap-topped tables along with the gaggles of young men sporting beards and brewery tees. Have no fear, hops neophytes: The knowledgeable staff gently advises newcomers who've been struck dumb by the selection of nearly 150 beers—everything from $1.70 Caldera in a can to a $22 Italian Belgian strong draft named Shangrila—in a pair of vintage fridge cases that flank the entrance to the tavern. Simple beer snacks like housemade Chex mix ($3) and one of the best Caesar salads ($5) in town pair well with the bar's soundtrack of old soul and '80s hits as well as the commentary from the Blazers, Packers or Brewers games projected on the pub's back wall. For beer fans, every day is Christmas at Saraveza.