A crowd of more than 700 people turned out today for Portland's Rally to Restore Sanity. The dark clouds and drizzle didn't dampen the spirits of attendees, many of whom brought signs that included everything from "I Can See Russia" to "Teabags are Testicles Too."

The noon rally, which included music and live speakers, began hours after thousands swarmed Washington, DC for the rally staged by Jon Stewart and friends, who gave satirical motivational speeches at the National Mall. The Portland rally, just north of the Hawthorne Bridge, invited speakers such as Willamette University law professor Richard Birke; documentary filmmaker Vanessa Hughes of Media Think; and community architect Mark Lakeman, co-founder of City Repair.

"We need some actual conversations and some recognition that we don't know everything. And I've seen a lot of that here today, " said one of the Portland rally attendees, PSU grad student Tania Porter.

Here's her sign below: Ironic Signs at Rally