Our name has created a bit of confusion and intrigue. People either think that we blow up hippies or they think that we're a grenade made out of hippies that when detonated creates a mushroom cloud of pot smoke and patchouli-stank. We often use this ambiguity to our advantage. When we're talking to people that don't particularly like hippies, we tell them the former, and when we're talking to hippies (and their sympathizers) we tell them the latter.

However, the name did not originate with this catchy dichotomy or semi-brilliant PR move as it's intent. It's actually a silly pot-smoking reference. A "hippie grenade", at least in Saint Louis where our guitarist is from, is when you suck the embers through the pipe and it burns the back of your throat. In the beginning we tried brainstorming for other names, but we couldn't come up with anything better. The name just stuck.



Business Suit Guy plays Friday, Oct. 19, with the Mello Outs and 3rd Grade Crush at the Bitter End. Images: top, courtesy of a Google image search; bottom two, from the band's MySpace.