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Living in Filth: Portland ranks #3 among America's most polluted cities


Congratulations, Portland! According to BusinessWeek magazine, we're the third most polluted city in the whole U.S. of A.

In an online story published today that uses data from Environmental Data Resources, Portland is sandwiched between Milwaukee and Los Angeles in a list of America's most toxic towns. Baltimore tops the tally.

What put P-town in third place? According to BusinessWeek, it's our 62,466 total contaminated sites (one for every 34 people), our 20,655 leaky storage tanks (more than any other city), and our 10 corrective action reports by environmental agencies (17th most in the country).

The complete Top 10:

1. Baltimore
2. Milwaukee
3. Portland
4. Los Angeles
5. Minneapolis-St. Paul
6. Indianapolis
7. San Diego
8. Detroit
9. Seattle
10. Cincinnati
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