white-power skinheads (and their hardcore bands)
Hammerfest 2007.
one of their neighbors is neo-Nazi Randall Krager
Aryan moshpit was taking place at the Sherwood Elks Lodge at 22770 SW Elwert Road in Sherwood, Ore
pressure the Elks Lodge
whether the lodge members are aware that they are hosting an anniversary party for a crew of neo-Nazis with a violent history of assault convictions
UPDATE, noon Sunday 10/7:
The event was shut down

As one of the leaders of the leaders of the Sherwood Elks Lodge, I wanted to let everyone know that we were duped.

This group identified themselves as a "rock group reunion of friends" when arranging to use our facility. I can assure everyone that when they arrived, there was no indication who they were... no banners, no literature, no slogans, no out of order clothing, no racist conversations, only music and a gathering... nothing to indicate that this gathering was anything more than a reunion of a rock group. I know it's hard to believe, but to any of the several dozen members of our organization who were in attendance last night, the gathering looked exactly as stated, a rock group reunion.

Once we received received indication that the hammerskin nation was using our facility, we worked to confirm as quickly as possible (this was a bit difficult for us because again, there was no outward sign in this gathering that these people were a racist group, so we couldn't initially whether the group was racist or whether the folks calling to complain were prank callers. After all, what's the odds of a racist organization holding a meeting right under your nose without any indication of who they are?). We talked directly to the organizers, who denied involvement in the racist group and reiterated their story that they were a rock group reunion.

In spite of outward appearances, the evidence soon indicated that we had been very badly misled, and the guests in our facility indeed were an organization whose beliefs we can neither condone or support. They had also misrepresentated themselves in renting the facility, and continued to misrepresent themselves in the evening. We shut down the event as quickly and as safely as possible after that and the group left before 8:00. None of the guests ever did admit who they were and their organizational affiliation.

The members of our organization are both shocked and embarrassed by this event, and thank everyone for quickly bringing the true identity of these folks to our attention.
[Image from Hammerskins website]