Scott Dolich
run a clarification
While the public market has floundered, its inspiration, the Portland Farmers Market, has grown into a financially stable entity operating four markets, three days a week, nine months of the year—and without a penny of the dole. “The city hasn't given us dick,” says Farmers Market Vice President and Park Kitchen chef-owner Scott Dolich. “And we haven't asked for dick.”
he says he clearly said “shit.” Not “dick.”
“We haven't asked for shit. And the city hasn't given us shit.”
Thelin insists he heard the original four-letter word as "dick."
“shit,” not “dick.”
sincerely hopes this clears up any confusion.
To the editors of Willamette Weekly,

I had the misfortune of being misquoted in M. Thelin's “Eat me” column on Oct 3rd. There are a number of items, aside from his misquotation, that concern me. Primarily, Mr.Thelin and I had, what I consider, an informative discussion last week about the proposed Public Market. In this conversation, which took nearly 20 minutes, I made sure to give Mr.Thelin an accurate background on the Portland Farmers Market's involvement in this issue. We discussed: 1) the importance of public input on this matter, 2) Which constituencies are currently being served and which are not in Portland's local agricultural economy, 3) What are the possibilities for constructive city support, and 4) Why the city hasn't yet become a major player in this debate, 5) What Commissioner Saltzman is currently doing to remedy that situation. Portland Farmers Market considers these to be important issues not only for its own well being but also for maintaining a thriving local food economy. Yet very little of the factual material we discussed was incorporated into his article. My concern is why would Mr. Thelin choose to focus on misquoting the most sophomoric and banal aspect of our conversation, as opposed to truly enlightening your readers on this important topic?

Mr. Thelin also stated that he felt his article was favorable to PFM so by association, I should somehow be satisfied with how he treated my statements. I find this is disturbing in that I don't care if his coverage is positive or negative with respect to PFM. I am more interested in reading an article that is informative, accurate and non-biased.

Lastly, Mr. Thelin treated my questioning him about misquoting my statement as an affront. In essence, he said since he wrote it down, that's exactly what was said. This is not a healthy attitude for a reporter to have.

Needless to say, I feel that my information was mistreated by Mr. Thelin in his misquotation of my remarks. Your stated mission at Willamette Week is to “provide your audience with an independent and irreverent understanding of how their worlds work” This should not be done at the expense of accuracy.


Scott Dolich Chef-owner, Park Kitchen