First off, yes, we do like to drink Busch during practice. So shoot us. Now that that's straightened out, we can get down to business. Abracadaver has been around for awhile now, Derek Vaslev and Brian Briles have been making music since 2001. Cadaver finally took off early '07 when we found Andrew Rasmussen. Two months later, we recorded "Track 1" and "Sleeping in Sin." A lot has changed since then, though. We now have a new drummer, and have decided to get a full-time bassist because both of us wanted to play guitar instead of having to switch instruments, due to us being a 3-piece band. We are now in the process of recording a new album as a 4-piece. The sound is still very much "Abracadaver" but with a sort of Horror rock twist...just wait you'll see. And as for us sounding like Cursive or Derek ripping of Isaac Brock's style of singing, what can we say.

We have sounded like this for quite some time, this is our style of music, and we very much enjoy it. It's not like we run around trying to steal the sounds of some bands we like and throw them together and hope for the best, so kill me for being influenced.

P.S. As for the band name, it's a damn band name. We don't do magic or hang out with dead bodies, it's just a name... There may be other bands out there named Abracadaver, but that's no reason to change it. That's who we are. We sure as hell wouldn't change it to neon hunk, that's for sure.
Hippie Grenade plays Saturday, Oct. 6, with Drunk On Power and Grenadiers of Doom (another excellent band name) at the Red Room. 9 pm. Free. 21+. Hippie Grenade also plays Sunday, Oct. 7, with Fate or Fortune and City Druid (jeez, another good one) at the Tonic Lounge. 9:30 pm. Cover. 21+. Image: a somewhat Green Day-esque love grenade of sorts, compliments of a Google image search.