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Dudley's Second TV Ad Focuses on Union Credentials

Chris Dudley at WW endorsement interview
It's not often that a Republican candidate touts his experience as a union leader. But GOP gubernatorial nominee Chris Dudley is an unusual candidate in many ways — he's 6'11" and has never run for office before, to name a few.

The former Portland Trail Blazer played 16 years in the NBA and for much of that time he served a leadership position in the players' union, twice winning major victories in legal fights over arcane but big-dollar contract issues.

Dudley's willingness to highlight his experience as a union leader — which ordinarily would disqualify him from consideration from many Republican voters — reflects a couple of things. First, it's perhaps his most tangible off-court professional accomplishment. Second, it's a sign that his campaign feels comfortable Republican voters will support him no matter what. That means the candidate can make a play for non-affiliated voters and disaffected Democrats, neither of whom are as likely to respond negatively to union credentials.

Here's the ad: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3HDWe3fz0k [/youtube]
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