September 11th, 2007 5:33 pm | by Paul Leonard News | Posted In: CLEAN UP

Fluoridation Foes Get an Unexpected Ally


The crusade against fluoridating Oregon's drinking water got a major boost last month from an unexpected ally—one Lake Oswego dentist.

Dr. Bill Osmonson co-sponsored three ballot initiatives for the November ballot that would put strict limits on the use of industrial byproducts, commonly used to fluoridate drinking systems.

"Fluoride in drinking water does more harm than good," said Osmonson.

Strange talk from a dentist, whose ilk has been pushing fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay, on patients since the 1950s. But Osmonson says the danger of lead and mercury byproducts of fluoridation of the water supply far outweigh the dental health benefits.

A bill mandating fluoridation for water supplies serving more than 10,000 people almost made it to a floor vote in the last legislative session in Salem.

Over the years, Osmonson has noticed unsightly white spots on the teeth of his Lake Oswego patients because of overfluoridation. Lake Oswego's water district, like the majority of districts across Oregon, does not add fluoride.

"They're already getting too much," said Osmonson. "Why do they need more?"
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