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TBA DIARY: "Awesome" at the Works


Fruit and nonsense abounded at last nights performance by “Awesome,” the Seattle based rock / performance art ensemble. There was much ado about a whale, some sort of magic book, and an evil government called “the Board.” Though none of it made much sense, the musical interludes were pretty entertaining - in a Who's Tommy meets the String Cheese Incident kind of way. Creative yet chaotic, the nights entertainment was akin to your average middle school talent show, but with better instruments.

More intriguing was the crowd watching at the Wonder Ballroom. Who was that guy that looks just like Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue? Was that really a VIP seating area where the dance floor used to be? Who were all those good looking, elderly women?

Aside from these ponderings, I also spent my evening wandering from beer garden to upstairs bar to downstairs bar, trying to find the best deal on beer. With $4 pints, the TBA beer garden proved best in this regard, but required navigating through a maze of ticket takers, id checkers, stamp givers, and bracelet snappers. Eventually I resigned myself to sitting on the curb, speculating about whose giant limo just pulled up to the front door.

Tonight it's on to more TBA events. First stop is the Newmark Theatre, where the Donna Uchizono Company performs and where, thanks to some amazing fund raising, (no thanks to Mayor Potter, folks) Mikhail Baryshnikov will also be making an appearance.

Next it's back to the Wonder, for Mirah and Spectratone International. I'm excited for the films by Britta Johnson about insects, promised by TBA to be “tragic and triumphant.” Ok, guys, just so long as it's not “awesome.”
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