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Everclear, Tonya Harding's Band and James Mercer's Hairline

tonya The three greatest things I learned from my morning Google exercises:

1. I didn't know Everclear was still a band, but apparently they're playing at Princeton later this month. The Princetonian wrote the funniest thing anyone has ever said about them:

The five-member band began recording in a Portland, Ore., basement 15 years ago and has been compared to Nirvana because of its frequent references to drugs.

Pretty sure that was a burn.

2. September third, 1995: a day that lives in Portland music infamy.

In 1995, skater Tonya Harding made her singing debut with her band, the Golden Blades, in Portland, Oregon. The crowd booed her during her 15-minute set.

Even Harsher is that the show was a benefit for Muscular Dystrophy. People threw bottles, according to the New York Times.

3. The Shins outpaced everyone at Download fest, despite James Mercer's hairline (man, talk about a backhanded compliment!):

Fronted by vocalist/guitarist James Mercer, whose receding hairline is more high school English teacher than rock star, the Portland, Ore., band outpaced every other act on the bill.

See, being a rock star isn't all it's cracked up to be. You get compared to Nirvana for all the wrong reasons, you get your every blemish made fun of ( think James Mercer's hair looks good, by the way)—maybe you even get a few bottles lobbed in your general direction. Glad I'm here on the other side of the pen.
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