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Trailer of the Day: Death Sentence

Death SentenceWhen this trailer first begins, it inspires only one question: How exploitative will this movie be? It quickly proceeds to answer that question with a building chorus of "More than you think!" Truly, there is a musician's sense of crescendo and improvisatory surprise in the way it escalates from what seems like standard family tragedy melodrama (despite the ominous R-rating announcement), to standard revenge thriller, to standard tasteless murder-fest. As the pieces of the horrible puzzle fall into place—rock music, hungry John Goodman in goofy Lebowski mode, "FROM THE DIRECTOR OF SAW"—it becomes clear that Kevin Bacon has lost not only his hair, but also all sense of self-respect. Despite the opportunity to yet again "protect his family," I think even Harrison Ford would have looked at this Death Wish knockoff with "Death" in the title, and deemed it too vulgar for his presence.

Death Sentence is rated R and opens Aug. 31.

[youtube hYlz0rD8vvw]
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