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Now is the time when we should be banding together to protect what our communities hold most dear - including our public schools. But rather, it looks as if the Governor has chosen to exploit the economic challenge we are facing to push an agenda that doesn't make sense for Oregon's students.

The governor is suggesting concepts that are wholly untested and have not been proven to increase student achievement. We cannot afford for our classrooms to become laboratories and our students and teachers the potential victims of a failed experiment.

We know standardized testing does not accurately measure the success of a student – how could it possibly measure the effectiveness of a teacher? In fact, research has proven time and again that tying evaluations or pay to test scores does nothing to increase student achievement and does not improve the quality of teaching.

Parents are tired of their children's education being dumbed down to test scores. Rather than providing solutions that lift up our schools in this time of crisis, the governor is offering Oregonians failed policy ideas that continue the status quo.

The governor shows that he is out-of-touch with Oregonians by suggesting a move to statewide-collective bargaining for educators. Local communities and parents know what's best for their kids. Decisions about local schools should be made by local communities, school leaders, parents and educators.

If these wrongheaded ideas are implemented, the future of Oregon – the lives of our students, the long-term health of the economy – is at risk.”